FAQ - - frequently asked questions. 

If you have any questions about the Amherstburg Community Foundation please click the button below and let us know. We would be happy to address any questions or concerns.

 Q: How did the new Amherstburg Community foundation get founded?

A: The foundation was first formed in 2009. It is formally recognized as a foundation with its Letters Patent, Bylaws, charitable number, and follows a professional and transparent process that involves keeping minutes and having regular board meetings. The foundation had been quiet for awhile. The mayor asked Richard Peddie to take it over and make it active again. Peddie interviewed many candidates for the board and chose 9 Amherstburg citizens to serve. All of them live or have businesses in the town. All net monies raised will be spent in Amherstburg.

Q: Why is it independent of the town?

A: There are approximately 191 community foundations across Canada. The best and most effective model is for them to be independent of local government. If they are run by the local government it sometimes raises issues between donations and tax dollars. We want to work closely with the Amherstburg town council and administration but independence makes us more transparent and better. 

Q: How was the board formed?

A: Richard Peddie interviewed numerous citizens who lived in Amherstburg, looking for community leaders who were willing to invest time and money to make Amherstburg even better.  Interestingly enough, seven of the directors have businesses in Amherstburg and create jobs in our community 

Q: What does the foundation hope to achieve? 

A: Simple - make an Amherstburg that is healthy, inspiring and inclusive - an Amherstburg that is great to visit and even better to live in.

Q: If the town starts a lobbyist registration should the Foundation be registered as a lobbyist group?

A: First of all we support transparency and professionalism. Should town council define our championing for an even better, more progressive Amherstburg and donating money to local initiatives as lobbying then we will register. We have absolutely nothing to hide.

Q:  There have been questions about the board members donating money. Is it true each director had to donate $20,000? 

A: Our directors come from all walks of life - we have business owners, a retiree, a part time worker and even a university student - none of them were required to give $20,000 or any set amount. When directors were first interviewed for the board it was discussed that all directors should commit to donating some monies over three years. Our belief was that to sit in front of person or organization and ask for a donation, we had to have credibility. We couldn’t ask for money without giving ourselves. The 9 directors committed to a collective total of $150,000 over 3 years with sixty thousand donated in 2019. Some director’s gave less - some more. An average number has very little meaning - what’s more important is that all our directors believe in our vision and are willing to put their own dollars on the line to help make it happen.

Q: Do Directors get paid?

A: Absolutely not. First of all it is illegal for Foundation directors to get paid in Ontario. Secondly that is not why our directors agreed to serve. Between personal donations, claiming no personal expenses; and the significant time they are committing to the foundation their directorships are more likely to be costing them some money. They are all giving their time and money to make Amherstburg even better.

Q: How much of my donation money goes to the actual initiatives?

A: The Amherstburg Community Foundation strives to keep it's expenses as low as possible. Operating expenses include such things as legal, audit, insurance, advertising, printing, and office expenses, which are necessary to operate as a responsible charitable organization in accordance with Revenue Canada rules. In addition there are credit card and intermediary (e.g., CanadaHelps, Eventbrite, and PayPal) transaction fees. The ACF has received a donation to cover all 2019 operating expenses so that 100% of the donations received are being directed towards the selected initiatives. A pledge was made to cover the expenses for the next two years as well to insure the ACF has an opportunity to establish a relationship with the community. We are always working towards keeping expenses as low as possible so that the Amherstburg community can garner the most benefit from donations.

Q: Are my donations tax deductible?

A: The Amherstburg Community Foundation is permitted by Revenue Canada to issue tax receipts for eligible donations in
support of the ACF initiatives. Receipts may not be issued for donations less than $20 because postage/mailing costs at that donation level are more than 5% of the donation.