Community Initiatives

The following initiatives have been selected and endorsed by the Board of Directors. These projects were selected to appeal to a variety of resident interests and are well distributed throughout Amherstburg. The initiatives are presented in random order.

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Amherstburg Freedom Museum

The museum was founded to tell the story of African Canadians’ journey and contributions by preserving stories and present artifacts that educate and inspire. In 2016 we became the Amherstburg Freedom museum to make a statement about how all people should have the freedom to live a happy and safe life.

Our initiative, at a cost of $39,000, has three goals: to educate youth through the development of a mentors program; to engage the community in a way that creates a dialogue about racism; and to promote diversity by bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds to interact and learn from each other.

Fundraising Goal - $39,000

79% Raised so far!

freedom museum 5.JPG


Amherstburg Carnegie Library

Libraries are not the quiet, studious places they once were. Today they are also community hubs, learning centres, social activity zones. They are the only public service available to everyone regardles of financial, geographical, or any other standing. Our gorgeous 106 year old Carnegie library is indeed steeped in history but should not be stuck in the past.

A library refresh with a budget of $40,000 would make the library more exciting, more engaging and more usable for the residents of Amherstburg by adding colourful murals, comfortable seating, new books and an expanded public computer area.

Fundraising Goal - $40,000


Holiday Beach Trail - ERCA

Essex Region Conservation proposes creating a trail at Holiday Beach Conservation Area. Hikers, walkers and single-track cyclists on the 4km trail can explore and connect with the forests and wetlands contained within the 500 acre property. The trails topography would be generated by fill from a created wetland on the property which, combined with restoration of existing farmlands, places the trail within a restoration site. This initiative with a budget of $75,000 split into 3 phases will benefit the health of Big Creek Marsh and Lake Erie, improve air quality, water quality, and help combat climate change.

fUNDRAISING gOAL - $75,000

Phase 1 - 82% raised so far

holiday beach.jpg

river canard sign.jpg

Beaudoin Park - River Canard

Public space is vital to community health and social development and parks and trails are two of the most visible and accessible elements of public space. Most importantly, high quality parks facilitate social interaction, community cohesion and allow neighbours to get to know each other. Parks are critical community assets. Beaudoin Park is centric to the Canard River community surrounding St. Joseph Parish and Elementary School. This park ranks high in priority for redevelopment as indentified in the Amherstburg Parks Master Plan. The proposed design concept includes laying out three play “precincts” has a budget ask of $55,000.

fUNDRAISING gOAL - $55,000